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Softball Awards: 2023-2024

Girls Cross Country Awards: 2023-2024


Grace Suppes

Alexis Chadek

Volleyball Awards: 2023-2024

All Nebraska Super State- Faith Frame and Mia Tvrdy

Nebraska Class A All State- Faith Frame and Mia Tvrdy

All Nebraska 2nd Team Super State- Reagan Hickey

Nebraska Class A 2nd Team All State- Reagan Hickey and Morgan Glaser

Football Awards: 2023-2024

Nebraska Class A All State - Payton Prestito

Nebraska Class A All State - Eric Ingwerson

Greater Omaha Sport Committee Award

Morgan Byrd - Softball

Reagan Hickey - Volleyball

Fall Academic All State

Audra Demory and Kasha Stolberg for Girls Golf

Seth Halsted and Gavin Watterson for Boys Tennis

Morgan Byrd and Presley Ivener for Softball

Alexis Chadek and Kara Haffke for Girls Cross Country

Ethan Mann and Eian Wratchford for Boys Cross Country

Morgan Glaser and Reagan Hickey for Volleyball

Cameron Hamilton and  Dallas Hamilton for Football

Kaci Gindlesperger and Seth Halsted for Unified Bowling

Winter Sport Letterwinners

Boys Swimming and Diving Letterwinners 2024
Girls Wrestling Letterwinners
Boys Basketball Letterwinners
Girls Swimming and Diving Letterwinners
Boys Wrestling Letterwinners
Boys Bowling Letterwinners
Girls Bowling Letterwinners
Girls Basketball Letterwinners

Winter Academic All State

Sterling Sindelar and Gavin Watterson for Boys Wrestling

Emma Stice and Jamelah Taylor for Girls Wrestling

Keira Promes for Girls Swimming and Diving

Benjamin Arens for Boys Swimming and Diving

Addison Holub and Jennifer Hubert for Girls Basketball

Kale Johnson and Tyler McDade for Boys Basketball

Kaci Gindlesperger and Lexi Anderson for Girls Bowling

Alex Imig and Austin Watts for Boys Bowling

Spring Academic All State

Connor Kerekes and Samuel Cargill for Unified Track

Shelby Jackson and Connor Casey for Music

David Carlson and Zachary Carlson for Boys Soccer

Tanner Apgar and Connor Ossenfort for Baseball

Fletcher Dreher and Shane Crowley for Boys Golf

Morgan Byrd and Maya Maddy for Girls Soccer

Ellie Fahrenkrog and Addison Mahnks for Girls Tennis

Jesse Malone and Eian Wratchford for Boys Track and Field

Morgan Glaser and Caroline Carrico for Girls Track and Field

Morgan Johnson and Avery Delwiche for Journalism


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