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Grace Suppes

Alexis Chadek

Tuesday,  Nov 28

The team bowled 815 and placed 3rd

Thursday,  Nov 30

Boys Results:

Monarchs - 8

Millard West - 13

Girls Results:

Monarchs - 13

Millard West - 8

Boys Results:

Monarchs - 129

Lincoln Southeast - 53

Event Winners for the Monarch Boys:

200 Medley Relay-Evan Click, Miles Graham, Cody Gross, Sam Lee

400 Free Relay - Cody Gross, Evan Click, Sam Lee, Logan Miller

200 Free - Cody Gross

200 Individual Medley - Miles Graham

50 Free - Sam Lee

100 Fly - Cody Gross

100 Free - Evan Click

500 Free - Garrett Gehringer

100 Back - Bennett Carrico

200 Free Relay - Miles Graham, Bennett Carrico, Evan Click, Kyan Lipton

Girls Results:

Monarchs - 71

Lincoln Southeast - 114

Event Winners for the Monarch Girls:

100 Fly - Keira Promes

100 Back - Emily Mazur

Diving - Lily Sherman

Monarchs - 65

Fremont - 27

Monarchs - 76

Fremont - 40

Monarchs - 24

Elkhorn South - 55

Winners of their weight class for the Monarchs - Mason Pederson, Logan Vodicka, Keegan Ferracci, Maverick Kidd

Monarchs - 53

Elkhorn South - 15

Winners of their weight class for the Monarchs - Kasen Pelzer, Cadilac Niroomand-Rad, Jack McAuliff, Michael Pederson, Michael Furze, Brody Parr, Gavin Watterson, Sterling Sindelar, Collin Hurlburt, Gavin Hamilton

This game was cancelled

Monarchs - 58

Fremont - 46

Friday,  Dec 1

The team placed 1st

Talia Astorino placed 2nd at 115

Jamelah Taylor placed 1st at 125

Valeria Robles placed 2nd at 130

Jenna Secord placed 2nd at 135

Sophia Forman placed 2nd at 140

Emma Stice placed 2nd at 145

Addeline Graser placed 1st at 155

Kirsten Clark placed 4th at 170

Cherish Hoaglund placed 3rd at 190

Riley Selig placed 4th at 205

Boys Results:

Nik Kline - 1st place

Girls Results:

Lily Sherman - 1st place

Saturday,  Dec 2

Monarchs - 63

Omaha Marian - 65

Boys Results: Top 3 finish in each event

200 Medley Relay-3rd place 

Bennett Carrico, Evan Click, Cody Gross, Logan Miller 


50 Free- Cody Gross, 2nd place

100 Free- Cody Gross, 2nd place

100 Back- Evan Click, 1st place

Girls Results: Top 3 finish in each event

200 Medley Relay

2nd place- Marti Warrior, Emily Mazur, Danielle Barrera-Bojanski, Lilly Coleman

3rd place- Millie Belik, Keira Promes, Addie Bigelow, Amber Sievers

200 Free- Marti Warrior, 2nd place Kylee Owald, 3rd place

50 Free- Keira Promes, 1st place Emily Mazur, 3rd place

500 Free- Keira Promes, 1st place Danielle Barrera-Bojanski, 2nd place

200 Free Relay

1st place-Emily Mazur, Amber Sievers, Marti Warrior, Millie Belik

100 Back- Marti Warrior, 2nd place Millie Belik, 3rd place

100 Breast- Emily Mazur, 3rd place

400 Free Relay

3rd place- Keira Promes, Addie Bigelow, Megan Cavanaugh, Danielle Barrera-Bojanski

Weight Class Wrestler Record in the meet

106A Maverick Kidd 2-0

106D Keegan Ferracci 2-0

113A Frankie Gonzalez 1-1

120A Mason Pederson 2-0

120B Juan Guzma-Ramirez 1-1

126A Logan Schaub 1-1

126C Gabe Murillo 1-0

126D Trenton Christenham 1-0

132C Charlie Thilges 0-1

144C Logan Vodicka 2-0

150D Braiden McGaugh 1-1

157B John David Lofgren 1-1

157D Quinn Black 1-1

165B Syrus McNeil 0-2

190B Amari Nassan 2-0

190C Landon McConnell 1-2

215C Peyton Francis 1-2

215E Christian Mundt 2-0

285C Owen Bowsman 0-1

285D Kyren Shadley 0-1

The team placed 4th

Individual Results:

Kasen Pelzer-3rd place at 106

Cadilac Niroomand-Rad-4th place at 113

Jack McAuliff-5th place at 120

Michael Furze-5th place at 132

Gavin Watterson-6th place at 150

Colin Hurlburt-2nd place at 165

Logan Holtmeyer-1st place at 285

Monarchs - 45

Creighton Prep - 63

Monarchs - 38

Creighton Prep - 58

Monday,  Dec 4

Tuesday,  Dec 5

4:30 pm  @ Papillion LaVista High School Pool

Thursday,  Dec 7

Friday,  Dec 8

Saturday,  Dec 9